Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station Faq

Carol asks…

how do i get from Sentral Kuala Lumpur Railway Station to Jalan Sultan (chinatown)?

how much should a taxi cost (i have a lot of luggage)

Thank you

KL Local Boy answers:

It should cost you about RM10 to RM15, depends on traffic condition.

Robert asks…

Info on train from Singapore (or Johor Bahru) to Kuala Lumpur??

On our trip to Asia, we (3 adults) are wanting to catch the sleeper train from Singapore (Keppel Road Station) to Kuala Lumpur (Sentral). I’ve heard that from KL to Singapore it costs about 130 MYR ($38US +/-), but yet from Singapore to KL it costs 130 SGD ($85US +/-). Is is true that it costs more from SIN?

If so, should we catch a bus/cab/rail from Orchard Road across the water/bridge into Malaysia and then catcth the train from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur? Is it worth the hassle and will it save us money? How far is it and it is worth it?

Any information or further websites are appreciated. Our time in Singapore will be brief, so although we’re trying to save money, we’re not wanting to waste half-a-day going across to Johor Bahru to save a few bucks, but every little helps.

Thanks in advance!!
I’m trying to not spend a night at a hotel by sleeping on the train (or bus) while in motion. Train leaves late at night and gets to KL early in the morning; only reason why I’m considering it, as it doesn’t matter to us whether we ride the train or no. Any other options?

KL Local Boy answers:

From Singapore to KL, you take the night train. They provide sleeping bunks,the cost is ~~~ S$35 + another $6 for the bunk
Train leave SG at ~~ 2100hrs arrived KL ~~ 0700 hrs
For the price difference between KL and SG, it is because it charge S$ in SG, and M$ in KL, the figure is the same, but the exchange rate is different by ~~1.5 times.

You can go to KL by bus. There are many bus services from SG to KL, starting at different times

Lisa asks…

How much and how long does it take for me to travel from JB to KL via KTM Train ?

I had never travelling with train before , so i wish I could try travel from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station by KTM Train … anyway , i wish to know how long time (approximately) and how much ringgit does it cost … Well , i also wish get more information about the ways to buy ticket and their time schedule as well … If possible , please give me some suggestion on which kind of train class should i take for better comfortability …

Thx in advance

KL Local Boy answers:

Go to this website; http://www.ktmb.com.my/

Anyway, hope the following could help;

1) travelling duration : approx. 4 hours

2) the fares are between RM12 – RM65 (one-way) depending on the type of
(i) train, i.e. Express vs. Normal train,
(ii) coach class, i.e. 1st class vs. Economy class
(iii) type of seat, i.e. Sitting only, sleeping facility, etc
(iv) passenger age, i.e. Adult vs. Child

3) for 4-hour journey, I would suggest you take the more comfortable seat, i.e. The 1st class seat. It’s just RM65 by the window.

Sandy asks…

high tea at Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

a few questions:
1. how long does it take to walk to the hotel from KL Sentral station and is the hotel easy to find?
2. when is the high tea available at the drawing room and till what time?
3. the estimate price for 2.
4. is a reservation required or possible to walk in?


KL Local Boy answers:

While it is about 20 mins walk you have to brave to highway traffic and so i wont recommend that ! It is really dangerous i think . I doubt there is a foot path at all only fast moving cars !
Its a very posh set up and walking in the hot sun wont do you justice at all to get there as you will be hot and sticky ! Please use the cab

Where i went there two years ago it was about RM 65 per person . Better to book as esp weekends when it can be full but you can walk in . Book and ask for a table with a nice view to get the most for your money

Paul asks…

KL Sentral to Old KTM railway station(for abroad the NICE bus)?

take the Rawang-Seremban KTM commuter, can reach the stesen KUALA LUMPUR? from the stesen KUALA LUMPUR it is still far to the old KTM railway station? Can I easily see the NICE counter at the old KTM railway station?

KL Local Boy answers:

Yup, rawang line go to KL station..


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